Resell Shoutcast Servers

We offer a range of Shoutcast reseller accounts, both on our premium and value networks starting from just £19.99 a month. Reseller accounts on the value network feature white label reselling, where your customers never need to know that the servers are operated by MixStream, you can simply direct your customers to one of our white label domains (such as streampanel.biz) - for a small administration fee* we can also set up a control panel using your own domain and web design, we don't list examples on the website but if you would like to see some examples of our reseller panels then please contact us.

Unfortunately, white label reselling is not yet available on the premium network although we are working on this and expect it to be available soon. Please contact us for info.

Value Network Shoutcast - VERY POPULAR!

Starter - 20 accounts with 500 slots @ 128k - £29.99 / month

Standard - 30 accounts with 1000 slots @ 128k - £49.99 / month

Professional - 60 accounts with 2000 slots @ 192k - £69.99 / month

Premium Network Shoutcast - HUGE REDUCTIONS!

Starter - 10Mbit/s bandwidth, unlimited accounts and bitrate - £39.99 / month (was £69.99)

Standard - 20Mbit/s bandwidth, unlimited accounts and bitrate - £69.99 / month (was £159.99)

Professional - 50Mbit/s bandwidth, unlimited accounts and bitrate - £139.99 / month (was 299.99)

To give an idea of bandwidth usage, 10Mbps is the equivalent to 80 listeners at 128k, 160 listeners at 64k, and so on.

* Admin fee for custom panels is a one off payment of £5.

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