Streaming Resources

Here are some useful bits and bobs related to media streaming.

Flash Players

MixStream Flash Player

All MixStream accounts come with our own Flash player, but now anyone can get it for FREE.



SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Winamp

If you just need a simple streaming solution which will allow you to stream your tracks in real-time to your Shoutcast server then the DSP Plugin for Winamp is usually a good option - and it's free! Dont have Winamp? Download it here.

Latest Release: DSP 2.2.3, Windows



Note This version of the DSP plug-in will only work on Winamp 5.5 and higher and requires Windows 2000 and higher.

SAM Broadcaster *

This is used by many internet and FM stations and has everything you'll ever need - and more. If your project is more than a bit of fun at the weekend, then SAM Broadcaster is a sound investment. Not sure yet? Get a free trial and see for yourfelf! You have nothing to lose.


Spacial - SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster+ $99 (limited period, was $199)
SAM Broadcaster PRO $299 (multi-payment option available)

Licensing services

StreamLicensing.com *

StreamLicensing.com covers US licensing requirements for small and medium size webcasters by working with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange.

Special Offer: Enter the promo code BOL-233 to get $15 off!


PRS For Music

Association of composers, song writers and publishers in the UK.



Distributes licence fees to its 10,000s of performer and rights holder members.


Free scripts

Change song
Change the song title with this simple PHP script. It saves your DJs from having to use the unreliable song field in the Winamp DSP when going on air.
Filesize: 952 B
Change song on multiple servers
This was requested by a customer who needed to update the current song on multiple servers, it's simply a combination of 'Change song' and 'Multi-server statistics'. This may be useful to others, particularly those using the Transcoding service and need to update several servers. Please note that if you have normal relays then you only need to update the primary server and the others will update from that.
Filesize: 1.15 kB
Direct listeners to their closest relay
This PHP script uses GeoIP to automatically generate a playlist with your relays listed in order of distance from the listener. This makes it more likely that listeners will connect to the closest server to their location. You will need to download the GeoLiteCity database separately (a link is included in the file).
Filesize: 42.8 kB
Display current song
Displays the current song on your website.
Filesize: 690 B
Display song history
Shows the song history in a table, in the same format as played.html
Filesize: 869 B
Display stream genre
Shows the genre that is currently playing (this is set by the source)
Filesize: 608 B
Display stream title
Displays the stream title, also known as station name/stream description.
Filesize: 622 B
Kick Source
Allows you to add a page on your website where you can kick the Shoutcast source. We strongly advise that you put this in a secured area of your site.
Filesize: 708 B
Multi-server statistics
Grabs statistics from all of your servers and adds them up. This saves you having to check each server individually to get the total number of listeners. It also makes it easier to monitor bandwidth on each relay.
Filesize: 2.5 kB
Shoutcast banner script (shows title and listeners)
Create a banner to put onto websites, forum sigs, MySpace etc. Simple to edit and use, requires PHP and GD library (these are installed on most web hosts). Supports multiple servers. You can set any image as a background and the banner will take on the size of that image.
Filesize: 1.72 kB

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