Stream Transcoding

Cater for the growing number of mobile device users.

Stream Transcoding

In previous years, trancoding services were primarily aimed towards radio stations that had a large number of listeners using dial-up and were unable to sustain a high bitrate stream, however that's no longer relevant. Despite this, transcoding services have become more popular due to the increasing number of people that are listening to internet radio via their mobile devices. Mobile internet is often slower than normal broadband connections and combined with the higher price per MB used, it makes sense to offer your mobile listeners a low bitrate option.

What is stream transcoding?

An audio stream is taken from your main server, split into multiple bitrates/formats in real time and re-streamed to another Shoutcast server. This enables you to offer your listeners a wide range of alternatives including high and low bitrates using MP3 and AAC+ streams.

This is great news for your listeners that tune in via wifi, mobile or have slow Internet access as they can now listen to a buffer-free stream with no annoying interruptions. They'll listen for longer and be more likely to come back!

Although MixStream is one of a very small number of companies that offer this service, we still keep our prices low (from just £6.99 p/m) so that even smaller broadcasters can benefit from transcoding, which is usually something that only large broadcasters can afford. We are also not aware of ANY other host that offers a full control panel and instant setup on transcoders!

Our transoding service is hosted separately to our Shoutcast and other services in order to maintain optimum performance. Transcoding services are hosted on our Premium network so 100% uptime is guaranteed.

What are 'Source' and 'Target' servers?

Source server - your 'original' server. Most of the time, this will be the server with the best quality/highest bitrate stream. On the image below, the source server is the one at the top (128k)

Target server - This is the server that the transcoder streams to. You can have up to 5 target servers with each transcoder. This means you can offer your listeners 5 different bitrates/formats as well as your original stream. On the image below, the target servers are the three at the bottom.

If you have any questions about our transcoders, then please contact us.


Free Bandwidth

We don't charge for bandwidth usage so there are no hidden charges. You can even stream up to 320k!



Free Server

A free Shoutcast server is provided with all transcoders (one 10 slot server per target, upgrades provided at normal prices).



Fully Featured Control Panel

Set formats, bitrates, server settings, start and stop the transcoder from the control panel.



Stream to Any Server

You can stream to any Shoutcast server, even if you host it yourself or with another stream host.



Instant Account Activation

Instant activation is available on all Shoutcast, AutoDJ and Transcoding plans so sign up now and start streaming in 5 minutes!


This service is covered under our 100% uptime service level agreement with compensation given for any downtime, even if it's only a minute.


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