Free Listener Slots

You can now get 10 free listener slots with your stream server.

Free server upgrades

We are now offering customers an easy and free way to upgrade. In 2 simple steps, you can get free listener slots:

1) Add our 'powered by' banner to your website. It should be in a reasonably prominent place* on your page, preferably next to your 'tune in' links or player. Here is the HTML code you should use:

It will look like so:

Shoutcast and Icecast hosting

2) Contact support with the link to your page with the code. Once approved, we will add your free listener slots.

* Please don't put the banner somewhere that's hidden at the bottom of the page, we can't give free slots if no one is ever likely to see the banner.

This offer is bing trialled and if it works then we will extend it with more banner options. Offer is only available to MixStream customers with an active Shoutcast server.

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