Premium or Value

We provide two tiers of service on our Shoutcast servers.

Premium and Value streaming networks

At MixStream we think it is important to offer customers a streaming deal that suits them so we offer two different tiers of service, Premium streaming for professional stations that need extra guarantees of uptime and bandwidth quality, and Value streaming for hobby stations that are more concerned about keeping costs to a minimum.

Both streaming networks offer:

Our Premium network benefits are:

Our Value Network customers save money because

Is there much difference between the bandwidth quality?

On the whole, there is normally little difference although customers using Premium streams will benefit from low latency streams that start much quicker than Value streams. We only host Premium streams on very high quality networks and Value streams are hosted on average-good networks. We try to achieve 100% uptime every month on all networks, with compenstation for Premium users if we fail to deliver 100% in any given calendar month (uptime measured by HyperSpin, an independent network monitoring company).

Is there a Value network AutoDJ/Transcoder option?

We currently only offer AutoDJ and Transcodingon the Premium network. The reason for this is that AutoDJ and Transcoding use much more of the server resorces and very little bandwidth, and as most of the cost of the Value network is saved on bandwidth it wouldn't be any cheaper to set up a value AutoDJ service without considerably compromising audio quality and server stability. We are however working on a hosting plan to enable us to offer AutoDJ at a reduced rate for low income stations.


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