Shoutcast Authentication

Ideal for pay-to-view TV & pay-to-listen streams.

Authenticate your Shoutcast stream

Shoutcast servers, as standard, are open to the public - so anyone that knows your stream address can listen. Our authentication system locks out any unauthorised users from accessing your stream, and only allows those with a valid username and password to access your content.

Free stream authentication

We don't try to squeeze our customers with hidden charges and fees for the extras - our authentication service is included with all Premium network Shoutcast servers at no extra charge.

Please try out our demo stream and if you have any questions at all then please get in touch.

Demo stream

Please use the form below to test our our authentication system. You are welcome to try tuning in directly to the server at http://usa3-pn.mixstream.net:8888/ before you fill in the form to check that you are denied!



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