Shoutcast streaming

Value streaming servers

Having been in the Internet radio business for several years, we know how hard it is to get funding when streaming prices can come to 100s a month.

This is why we launched our Value Shoutcast plans, which we are able to provide at less than half of the price of premium streaming services.

If you have ever experienced buffering or cuts on your stream then you will be very aware that listeners will go elsewhere in a matter of minutes, even seconds, often never to return. The only way of building a strong listener base is to ensure that your stream is rock solid all of the time.

Value Plan Example 1

Bitrate: 128kbps
Listener slots: 50
Bandwidth: Shared**

£8.99 per month

MP3 AAC+ Stream Using MP3 or AAC+
You can choose which streaming format to use, and we don't charge extra for using the superior AAC+ format
MP3 AAC+ Stream Audio or Video
Our servers are fully compatible with NSV Video streaming for online TV stations. There is no extra charge for using Video.
MP3 AAC+ Free Streaming Tools and Help
We offer a range of free tools and scripts to our customers, and even provide free assistance in setting up scripts.
MP3 AAC+ Full Listener Statistics
Comprehensive statistics include all available information on listener locations and tune in times with history graphs and lsitener map.
MP3 AAC+ Instant Account Activation
Instant activation on payment is available on Shoutcast, AutoDJ and Transcoding plans.


At MixStream, we have spent the last few years testing different datacentres and networks in order to find the very best deals to pass on to you, the customer. We only work with reputable datacentres that can provide excellent uptime and high quality bandwidth for streaming. The value network may not be as solid as our premium service, but don't be fooled by the price - our value network beats many other stream hosts that claim to use premium bandwidth, and with 99.84% average uptime* including maintenance you can be confident that your listeners will enjoy a high quality service.

We offer servers in a choice of locations in Europe and the USA on the value network, with servers in London, Paris, Chicago and Colerado.

We have a selection of Shoutcast plans to get your radio station online within minutes and accounts are set up automatically when you order - you could be online in minutes from now!

If you are a heavy bandwidth user and plan on ordering our value service then we strongly recommend reading the bandwidth policy as value bandwidth is not dedicated in the same way that premium bandwidth is.

Value Plan Example 2

Bitrate: 128kbps
Listener slots: 200
Bandwidth: Shared**

£28.99 per month

We're so confident that you'll love streaming with us that all customers get a no-obligation 24 hour free trial with a 14 day money back guarantee.

* Average uptime of all value servers including planned maintenance. Correct on 15/12/2009.
** Shared bandwidth means that bandwidth may be oversubscribed, most stream hosts do this without telling you. Due to careful bandwidth management on our part, this will not affect the vast majority of customers. Please see the Fair Usage Policy in the terms for more details.

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